LILi User Guide – Version 0.1.1

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This module does the work of compositing the source images so that they can be printed and used with a lenticular lens sheet.

If you have already chosen and adjusted your source images using the Previewing modukle, then you can simply load these settings from disk. Otherwise, you must specify the source images using the first tab on the interface provided. Thumbnails of the source images are shown as they are selected to help remind you about your project details.

On the output tab, select a file name, type and location for the composite.

On the interlacing settings tab, specify the lens resolution in lenses per inch of the lenticular sheet you want to use, the desired image width in inches and the image/printing resolution in lines per inch. The interactive display shows the results of these adjustments on the composite and gives helpful error messages should you select a combination which would not give a usable lenticular.

Finally, press the Interlace button to begin the process of compositing the source images. A series of status messages and a progress bar keep you informed about the process as LILi works.

When the process is complete, you can use the Output module to either print your composite on our supplied hardware (if available) or to output files suitable for a commercial (UV litho) printer.

Last changed: 03/29/2004, 15:50:23