LILi User Guide – Version 0.1.1

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The LILi output module helps you to choose the style and size of printing on our supplied hardware, or a commercial printer.

Specify the LILi composite image(s) to use and choose from the output options using the interface.

You can choose to print several different composites on a single sheet for better efficiency and economy. Thumbnails generated by the Interlacing module are shown as composites are chosen. Images may be placed on the page where desired.

Print settings (image size and print resolution) are taken from the values generated by the Interlacing module. Error messages are generated if you attempt to use composites designed for different lens or print resolutions on one sheet or if you try to position images off the printable area.

Once the page is ready, CUPS (The Common Unix Print System) is used to send it to either our supplied hardware or to a file as PostScript or PDF.

Last changed: 03/29/2004, 15:50:51