LILi User Guide – Version 0.1.1

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For interlacing with LILi, you must provide at least two and at most twelve source images.

It is easiest to imagine that these images are held in layers which are viewed in sequence through the lenticular lens. It is vital that these image layers are correctly aligned,or the finished lenticular will display a jerky and disjointed effect.

LILi's previewing module lets you view a sequence of source images, choose which to incorporate and adjust their horizontal and vertical positions relative to each other. It also allows for adjustments to the scale of each image.

At any point, LILi preview can create a small animation to approximate the effect of your finished lenticular.

When you are happy with the result, you can export a LILi settings file which can be used by the Interlacing module. You will then only have to set the output and lens parameters in the Interlacing module before creating your composite.

Last changed: 03/29/2004, 15:49:54